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"Fresh From The Factory" Horse-Drawn Farm Equipment
Farming with horses doesn't mean farming with antique farm equipment. I & J Manufacturing, Gap, Penn., offers a complete line of modern farm equipment designed for use with horses, including rotary rakes and hay tedders, cultivators with spring-tine chisels or a variety of shovels, a tool cart with 3-pt. hitch and pto power carts with 44 or 52 hp gas engines.
"We have shipped equipment to Norway, France, Germany and even to Australia," says owner Jake Blank. "Most of our customers are Amish or have some contact with them, and most are small farmers."
I & J has been making horse-drawn equipment since 1986 and has 70 dealers in the United States and two in Ontario, Canada. Most carts and implements are available with steel wheels or optional rubber tires. While some of the smaller items are kept in stock, most equipment is assembled to order and requires 3 to 4 weeks turnaround time. Prices do not include shipping.
Rotary Rake
Available with pto or ground drive, the rotary rake has a fully enclosed oil bath gearbox and folds to 62 by 105 in. for transport. Unfolded, it sweeps a 9 1/2-ft. swath clean, turning hay over and fluffing it without roping. The trailing pto version has an optional 8 hp engine.
Rotary Tedder
The pto-driven rotary tedders come in 9 and 14-ft. models with standard pull-type hitches on both. An optional Honda engine is available for use when pulling the tedder behind a tool cart.
Garden Tool Kit
Hooked to a fore cart, the garden tool cart with its 3-pt. hitch can be used with a potato digger, spring tine harrow, or a single share plow. Levers allow the operator to raise the tool off the ground as well as adjust working depth.
Draft Row Crop And
Garden Cultivators
I & J cultivators come in all sizes. Garden-size units include simple walk-behind 3-tine cultivators to 5-tine single-horse units with optional packer rollers. Row-crop field cultivators vary from 1 to 4-row units with 4 shovel options, disk hillers, adjustable row shields and optional additional tines for field tillage. A gravity feed liquid fertilizer side dress accessory is available with 25 and 50-gal. poly tanks.
Precision Mowers
I & J mowers offer a working width of 7 ft. The Pittmanless gear allows the bar to cut in any position. The mowers are available in 3-pt hitch or trailing style, with a pto or optional mounted gasoline engine powering the cutting bar.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup Jacob Blank, 5302 Amish Road, Gap, Penn. 17527 (ph 717-442-9451 8:45 to 9:00 AM weekdays).

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