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2-Wheeled Calf Hauler Built Low To The Ground
My 2-wheeled calf hauler is built low to the ground which makes it easy for the cow to see her calf and follow along. I pull it behind an ATV.
  The calf hauler measures 3 ft. long, 2 ft. wide, and 3 ft. high and rides on a pair of wheelbarrow wheels. The sides are made from cattle panels and the floor from expanded metal. A hinged gate at the back flips up and over to let the calf in. The gate is held shut by a spring-loaded steel pin welded to the bottom part of the gate. The pin fits into a "drawbar" welded onto the back side of the floor.
  I used a length of channel iron to make the axle and welded a 5/8-in. dia. steel pin onto each end of it that connects the axle to the wheel hub.
  I spent about $85 to build it. My biggest expense was for the wheels, which I bought new. I wanted small wheels in order to keep the weight down. My calf hauler is light enough that I can shove it in the back of my pickup and haul it to my brother's farm a few miles away with no problem. (Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lynn D. Wrosch, 23625 Neuchatel Rd., Onaga, Kansas 66521 ph 785 889-4329)

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2002 - Volume #26, Issue #3