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"Spongy Wonder" Bicycle Seat
If you like to ride bikes but can't stand the seats they use nowadays, you're not alone. Inventor Jeff Dixon of Riverview, New Brunswick, says his new "sponge seat" solves the problem.
  The "Spongy Wonder" mounts in place of most any bike seat. The one-piece unit has a pair of 3 1/2-in. wide, 1 1/8-in. thick replaceable pads made from closed cell neoprene foam. The pads are set at an adjustable angle, and the distance between them can also be adjusted. Seat height is adjusted using the original clamp that holds the seat post to the bicycle frame.
  "It's the most comfortable seat on the market, and you can adjust it to fit your own comfort level," says Dixon. "It doesn't put any damaging pressure on the tailbone and solves the problem of nerve and artery damage caused by single platform bicycle seats. A lot of people tell me they stopped riding bikes because the seats are so uncomfortable. But now they're riding again thanks to this seat. The pads don't absorb water. A thinner and firmer pad that's 3/4 in. thick is also available."
  Sells for $80 (Canadian) including S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Spongy Wonder, Inc., 2 Woodside Drive, Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada E1B 4G9 (ph 877 977-7328).

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