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Device Identifies Birds By Their Song
Ever heard a bird song you couldn't identify?
  If so, you'll like this new hand-held device that's called an "audio birdsong dictionary".
  The Birdsong IdentiFlyerÖ resembles a TV remote, with 10 buttons along the sides. When you hear a bird sing, press the buttons on the unit until it plays a song that matches. Next to the button is a color picture of the bird you have identified.
  "I'm a backyard birder," company owner Terry Allen says. "I got hooked on it while living in Connecticut and watching birds that came to our bird feeder. There were so many different kinds, I was always having to page through big, thick field guides to identify them. I decided to make something that would be a lot more convenient."
  He ran into someone who was trying to develop a "talking" baseball card with both printed and recorded information. That prompted him to develop the bird photo card with recorded songs.
  "Our BirdSong IdentiFlyer is smaller than a field guide, so it's easier to carry with you. And with the recorded songs, it makes identification more complete," he says.
  The Allens acquired the rights to use birdsong recordings made by Lang Elliott, well-known in birding circles for his high quality recordings made in the bird's natural habitat. Pictures are by noted bird artists Barry van Dusen and Mike DiGiorgio.
  The BirdSong IdentiFlyer comes with two SongCards, an earphone, a pocket guidebook and three AAA batteries.
  The Allens have put together 13 birdsong/picture cards including Yardbirds - Series 1 and Series 2, both of which are included with the device. Other titles include Birds of the Night, Forest, Field and Meadow, Sea Shore, Songbirds of the South and The Calling Card, which features calls birds use to attract other birds. Fabulous Frogs was added recently.
  The Birdsong IdentiFlyer can be purchased in most wild bird supply stores across the U.S. and Canada for about $35 (U.S.) Additional sound cards sell for $9.95 apiece.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Terry or Jeanne Allen, For The Birds, Box 1731, Seneca, S.C. 29679-1731 (ph 877 261-6556 or 864 944-5673; E-mail: terry@identiflyer.com; Website: http://www.identiflyer.com).

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