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ATV Weed Wiper Kit
"It's a cost-efficient way to control weeds anywhere unwanted vegetation grows, especially in areas that might otherwise be difficult to get to," says Ron Lubke, Quality Metal Works, Stanford, Ill., about his company's new kit that turns any ATV into a self-propelled weed wiper.
  The kit consists of a bracket that supports a Speidel weed wiper, which mounts horizontally on the ATV's front or rear rack, or vertically on the front bumper. A crank U-bolts onto the bracket directly ahead of the ATV handlebars and can be operated either manually or with an optional electric lift that operates off the ATV battery. The crank lets you raise or lower the height of the wiper on-the-go right from the seat.
  The kit handles wipers from about 6 ft. wide up to about 13 ft. The range of vertical adjustment is 32 in. for the hand-cranked model and 40 in. for the electric lift.
  "It's a low-cost alternative to pull-type carts, and lets you go faster and also get into tighter areas or rougher terrain," says Lubke. "A lot of farmers have told us they don't want big, expensive pull-type carts which sell for up to $3,000 or more. Mounting the wiper on the ATV keeps the cost down. The ATV's suspension system absorbs bumps and allows you to go much faster than is possible with pull-type carts. Many farmers tell us they go up to 15 or even 20 mph in row crops. The speed depends on the height variation between the weeds and the crop.
  "The canvas-wrapped, valve-controlled Speidel wick doesn't require a tank, pump, or ropes, making it simple to mount and easy to use. Enough herbicide is carried inside the wick to last for most of the day," notes Lubke.
  Sells for $225 (wiper not included). The electric lift model sells for $410.      Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Quality Metal Works, Box 358, Stanford, Ill. 61774 (ph 309 379-5311; Website: www.quality metalworks.com).

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