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Skid Steer Grapple Fork
Most commercial grapple forks for skid loaders are designed to bolt onto the bucket, which makes it difficult to use the bucket for other jobs. Also, most grapple forks fit only a particular size or brand of bucket.
  Mark Underwood, Burr Oak, Kansas, says he's come up with a state-of-the-art grapple fork that will quick-tach to any bucket, no matter what size or make.
  "I'm a believer in universal equipment. My grapple fork can be quickly removed, allowing you to use the bucket for other jobs," says Underwood. "I designed it mainly for grabbing and holding trees and posts, but it also works great for handling round or big square bales as well as loose hay and even rocks."
  His grapple fork looks like an eagle's claw or talon. Four curved teeth mount on a cross bar that bolts to each end on a pair of angled steel arms. The arms are tilted up or down by a pair of 2 by 10-in. hydraulic cylinders. The top part of each tooth oscillates on a roller bearing, allowing the tooth to angle off to either side which makes it easier to pull out of a bale or grab onto a load of rocks.
  Quick tach brackets with lock-down pins fit to brackets bolted onto the back side of the bucket.
  "I plan to soon offer other attachments, including bale spears, stump grinders, and sweepers, which will bolt on in place of the cross bar and teeth. It's built heavy to take a lot of abuse. I designed it with claw-shaped teeth because geometrically that's the strongest design in nature. The teeth open up more than 6 ft. so they can grab a big load," says Underwood.
  The grapple fork sells for $2,300. "Most commercial grapple forks sell for $1,200 to $1,700. However, they don't come with universal quick tach brackets and they can't be used with other attachments," notes Underwood.
  An optional brush guard sells for $210.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Second Look, Rt. 1, Box 127A, Burr Oak, Kansas 66936 (ph 785 647-5454; fax 785 647-5438; E-mail: secondlook@msn.com; Website: www.secondlookinc.com).

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