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"Trimming Saw" Mounts On Skid Steer Loader
Standing in a loader bucket and using a chain saw to trim overhanging branches along fence lines or driveways can be a dangerous, time consuming job. Ammon Brenneman, Guthrie, Ky., says his new hydraulic-operated "trimming saw" -designed to mount on front of any skid steer loader - makes the job relatively easy.
  "It gives you the maneuverability of a skid loader and a reach of up to 25 ft.," says Brenneman, noting that the saw can also be adapted to a front-end loader.
  The unit consists of a 30-in. dia., carbide-tipped blade mounted on the end of a steel boom that quick taches to the skid loader. The blade is driven by a hydraulic motor that operates off the loader's hydraulics.
  "It'll cut through branches up to 12 in. in diameter," says Brenneman. "The saw extends out far enough out that the branches don't fall on the operator.
  "I've used the saw to do a lot of fence line work for area farmers, and they love it. Sometimes they gain up to 20 or 25 feet of extra planting area along the edge of the field just by having overhanging branches removed. Also, by trimming the limbs back more sunlight comes in and crops grow better."
  Brenneman says he may soon begin manufacturing the unit. He expects it to sell for less than $6,000.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ammon Brenneman, Bobsaws LLC, 2585 Old Trenton Rd., Guthrie, Ky. 42234 (ph 270 265-7297; fax 270 265-9507).

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