2001 - Volume #25, Issue #5, Page #19
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Electric-Drivin Power Assist Wheelbarrow

Pushing a loaded wheelbarrow up any kind of slope is hard work. A new battery-powered, self-propelled wheelbarrow does much of the work for you.
  The "CargomaxX" was introduced at the recent National Hardware Show in Chicago. It looks much like any conventional wheelbarrow. However, it's driven by a battery-powered electric motor that mounts inside the wheel. Easy-to-operate, thumb-lever controls are used to start and stop the motor as needed and you can vary motor speed depending on the load. The wheelbarrow is available with either a 4 or 6-cu. ft. tray and has a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs.
  "It's simple to operate and allows easy handling of loads, especially on inclines and uneven terrain," says spokesman Wolfgang Bertram. "The motor and battery pack are enclosed so they're protected from mud, debris and splashing water, etc. There are other self-powered wheelbarrows on the market, but they're powered by a gas engine which means they're noisy and require more maintenance.
  "A single battery charge will last about five hours, and it takes about two hours to recharge the battery. It comes with a heavy duty, corrosion-proof steel chassis."
  Sells for less than $500.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, CargomaxX by Wepamat America Corp., Box 310, Rock Hill, S.C. 29731 (ph 803 327-4809; fax 803 324-3131; E-mail: wepamat@rhtc.net).

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2001 - Volume #25, Issue #5