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Low-Cost Fish Trap Made From 5-Gal. Plastic Bucket
Lowell Molt, Mt. Pulaski, Ill., is a part-time commercial fisherman who does his fishing in the Mississippi River. He builds his own low-cost fish traps by converting 5-gal. plastic buckets into pointed traps that hook onto wooden traps.
  Molt first cuts the plastic to create what looks like a large king's crown. Then he threads a cord through the points about half way up, allowing him to gather the points into a cone with a 2-in. dia. opening for the fish to swim into. The trap is then attached to a larger opening on the wooden trap. The river current keeps the trap open. Fish then swim into the trap but can't get out because of the points. Sometimes the traps are baited.
  The wooden traps are anchored to hold them in position.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lowell Molt, 704 S. Marion, Mt. Pulaski, Ill. 62548 (ph 217 792-5256).

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