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Hydraulic-Operated "Adjuster" Changes Angle Of Rear Disk Gangs
Glenn Buck of Vanceboro, N.C., owns a Taylor Way 14 1/2-ft. disk originally equipped with a manually-operated slide, designed to adjust the angle of the disk's two rear gangs. To make the job easier, he replaced the manually-operated slide with a home-built one powered by tractor hydraulics.
  "It lets me adjust the angle of the rear gangs automatically on-the-go according to field conditions so we're able to do a better job with less effort," says Buck.
  The disk's two rear gangs are each supported by a separate toolbar. The manually-operated slide was mounted on a length of steel beam that ran down the center of the disk. Buck removed the slide and made a new one out of two 3/4-in. thick, 16-in. sq. steel plates that bolt above and below the beam and attach to the end of each toolbar. A hydraulic cylinder anchored to the top of the beam moves the gangs back and forth as needed.
  "It's a neat setup that really works well," says Glenn. "I use two remote valves on my tractor to operate the disk - one to raise or lower it and the other to adjust the angle of the rear disk gangs. The bolts act like bearings and allow the gangs to slide forward or backward on the tubing. I've also made brackets for other farmers who have other disk brands."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glenn Buck, 405 Gray Rd., Vanceboro, N.C. 28586 (ph 252 244-2938)

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