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Bale Spear Bracket Helps Move Round Bale Feeders
When we first saw this idea, we wondered why no one had thought of it before. Luther Defevers of Magnolia, Ky., simply mounts a bracket on round bale feeders that lets him use a bale spear to pick up and move the bale ring.
  The bracket is designed to clamp onto any feeder.
  "It wasn't as easy to develop as it looks at first glance," says Defevers, who is marketing the new feeder attachment. "My neighbor Leon Wright invented it and spent eight years developing it. The trick is keeping the feeder balanced. If you hit a bump while moving the feeder, it may move a little from side to side but it'll always come back to level. As a result, you're always able to get the ring over the bale.
  "Some farmers have tried welding a bracket to the top ring of a feeder. However, most feeders are made from light steel tubing that won't withstand the pressure. Other farmers have tried welding a steel hook on the end of a hay spear, but that still allows the feeder to spin. A front-end loader may work if it's hooked onto the feeder just right and you don't hit any bumps, but it doesn't always work.
  "Our bracket is designed to fit any bale feeder. We offer two different sizes of receiver tubes to fit different bale spears."
  Sells for $129 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Defevers & Associates, 2230 Jonesville Mill Road, Magnolia, Ky. 42757 (ph 270 528-5516)

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