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Wooden Barn Fitted With Big Bifold "Dutch Doors"
It's an old idea that you don't see much any more but Florida farmer Karl Weinert says the big Dutch doors on his 40 by 44-ft. barn come in really handy.
  Dutch doors are split in half so you can open the top and leave the bottom closed or vice versa.
  Weinert's doors cover 16-ft. wide openings at either end of his barn. There are four separate 4-ft. wide sections to each door.
  "They give me a lot of flexibility," says Weinert. "The 16-ft. opening is wide enough that I can drive my biggest equipment into the barn. When I'm working inside, I just leave the top sections open to provide ventilation. I keep the bottom doors closed to keep out the goats, chickens and ducks that I have in my barn yard."
  Weinert likes it much better than a sliding door because he can just open one side to walk in or out. "The barn is actually the envy of many people because of the flexibility, the flooring, and the lighting," says Weinert. "The barn is a handsome structure made of rough sawn lumber from local saw mills. It has 18 recycled windows as well as a cupola on the roof for increased ventilation.
  "Just to the right of the bifold doors are two 5-ft. wide doors that open to 10 ft. These doors are also the same on both ends of the barn. This allows additional flexibility - I can park my three Model A's end to end in there and still have plenty of space to work."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Karl Weinert, Heavenly Hague, 7706 NW 142nd Ave., Alachua, Fla. 32615 (ph 904 462-0107).

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