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Heat Detector Also Checks Pregnancy
"It's the most accurate heat and pregnancy detector ever developed," says Juun Matsuura, manufacturer of the new "Love Check" hand held heat detector that you simply insert into the animal and take an "instant" reading off the electronic meter.
The detector uses a new electronic process that measures the changes in ion levels in vaginal mucous membranes that are secreted by animals in estrous. "It makes it possible to determine the optimum time for breeding for 90 to 98% conception rate success. It'll predict pregnancy with near 100% accuracy 30 to 40 days after insemination," says Matsuura, noting that the new-style detector was developed by a team of Japanese researchers. He says the detector is also being developed for other animals and a smaller prototype model for humans is currently in testing.
The detector, powered by two 1.5-volt batteries, consists of a 3-ft. plastic probe with the meter and handle at one end and the sensor at the other. It is simply inserted into the animal and held against the vaginal wall in the area of the cervix. After 45 seconds, you read the meter which lights up from left to right to indicate the current level of estrous. The meter runs from "Don't", which means the animal is not in heat, to "Wait", which means check again in a few hours, to "Do", at which point you should breed naturally, and "AI", which signals the best time for artificial insemination.
The detector is used in the same way to
determine pregnancy, referring to a separate meter chart. At 20 days, Matsuura says it will predict pregnancy with 50% accuracy. It the meter still indicates pregnancy at 30 days, he says you can be 100% certain the animal is pregnant (one check alone at 30 days will not guarantee 100% accuracy). At 40 days, the detector will tell you with 100% accuracy whether the animal is pregnant.
The new detector, which was recently introduced at a Canadian farm show, sells for around $1,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Love Check, Box 984,. Woodstock, Ontario, Canada N4S 8A4 (ph 519 537-3455).

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