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Culvert Grain Feeder
A 3-pt. mounted grain feeder made out of a 5-ft. section of culvert makes a handy cattle feeder for Ken Pattison, Eckville, Alberta.
"When I started supplementing winter cow rations with grain, I fed with 5-gal. pails and found that by the time I had the last pails out, the boss cows had cleaned up the rust piles and were coming for the last ones. I decided I'd have to fmd a quicker and easier method of putting out grain.
"I bought a used piece of 32-in. dia. culvert and fitted a cone to the bottom with a sliding trap door. The cone was made from a sheet of 1/6-in. thick sheet metal by cutting a half circle with a radius equal to the diameter of the pipe and then shaped into a cone. It fits perfectly.
"A heavy piece of 3/4 by 2-in. flat iron carries the main load on the drawbar. Braces were fitted to the drawbar slide on each side as well as to the axles and fenders. It was also necessary to bolt a stabilizer bracket to the back of the seat frame. The unit is very stable and I've had no problems with it in the first year of use. The trap door slide is operated by a lever system from beside the tractor seat. The unit holds just over 825 lbs. of rolled barley.
"Since I have well-sodded knolls to feed onto with good drainage, I haven't had a problem with waste when feeding on the ground. However, you could easily putan auger in the bottom with an orbit motor for feeding into troughs. I use an electric 4-in. auger to fill the unit from a storage bin."
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Ken Pattison, Rt. 4, Eckville, Alberta TOM OXO Canada.

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