2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #20
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Simple Low-Cost Automatic Gate Closer

"It's inexpensive and virtually fool proof," says inventor Lyle Abernathy of Yacolt, Wash., about his automatic gate closer designed for tubular-framed metal gates.
  The patent pending "Gate Shut" consists of a single spiral spring that simply slips onto the hinged side of a gate. A catch arm at the top of the spring rests against the gate post, while the bottom end of the spring is clamped in place. The spring tightens up when the gate is opened and it shuts the gate when it's released.
  "It's a simple idea but it works," says Abernathy. "The gate must be square, level and swing freely for the closer to work properly. In most cases you'll need to remove the gate from the post before installing the closer. You screw the spring down around the gate. Spring tension can be adjusted by loosening and rotating the clamp.
  "The metal clamp is designed to fit around a 2-in. dia. pipe, but spacers for 1 5/8 and 1 1/2-in. pipes are also included. It can be used on gates that swing open in either direction - all you do is flip the spring upside down to reverse it. In most cases livestock will be inside the gate so you won't even need a latch - when the gate swings shut the fence post will stop it from going further and the spring will keep it closed. However, if livestock are outside the gate you will need a latch."
  Abernathy says that if you want the gate to be kept open, he can supply the hardware (optional).
  The gate closer comes in two sizes one for 4 to 8-ft. gates (1/4-in. dia. spring) and the other for 10 to 16-ft. gates (5/16-in. dia. spring). Both models sell for $59.95 including S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lyle Abernathy, Box 197, Yacolt, Wash. 98675 (ph toll-free 866 868-3267 or 360 686-8141; fax 360 686-8203; E-mail: gateshut@pacifier.com).

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6