2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #16
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Readers Comment On Staber Washing Machine

John Tjoelker, Quincy, Wash.: We bought a new clothes washing machine from Staber Industries after reading about it in FARM SHOW. We like it just fine (Staber Industries, Inc., 4411 Marketing Place, Groveport, Ohio 43125 ph 800 848-6200 or 614 836-5995; fax 9524; Website: www.staber.com). It uses much less water and detergent than conventional machines because of its side-mounted drum that loads from the top. The tumble action allows you to wash more laundry per load and do a better job because of the more aggressive cleaning action. The normal gearbox is eliminated which reduces the energy required along with maintenance and repair costs."
  Nancy Heibel, Dorr, Mich.: "My Staber Industries clothes washing machine is my best buy. I bought it after reading about it in FARM SHOW. I wonder how I washed without it. It uses much less water and detergent than conventional machines so I save on water, electricity and soap. Where else are you going to get a machine that uses 1 oz. or less detergent? I've washed clothes without using soap and they still come out clean. I ordered the washer and within 24 hours it was at my doorstep."Joanna Vesecky, Baldwin, Kan.: "We bought a Staber washing machine after reading about it in FARM SHOW. We like the fact that it uses much less water and energy. The salesman told us the machine was 100 percent guaranteed or we could get our money back. Unfortunately, the company does not appear to stand behind that guarantee.
  "We paid $1,200 for the machine. When it arrived, the water would not drain out of the machine. We had to bail it out by hand after washing our first load of clothes. The company promptly sent out repair parts for us to install and we got it working. But then we discovered that if you use bleach, it does not get rinsed out of the machine. If you put in a load of colored clothes afterwards, the bleach ruins them.
  "After damaging a couple batches of clothing, we contacted the company. At first they just told us not to use bleach, but we have a disabled daughter who uses a lot of medicine that gets into her clothes, and we need to be able to bleach it out.
  "Now the company wants us to ship the machine back to them in Ohio so they can test it. But they won't admit there's a problem so we feel we could get stuck with the shipping cost and still have a machine that doesn't work right. In addition, they never did send us the rebate check we were promised when we bought it. They say they're waiting to see what happens with the machine. This company has been very difficult to deal with."

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6