2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #06
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Funnel Stands Upright For Hands-Free Pouring

Here's one of those ideas that makes you wonder why no one thought of it before.
  "Stand-up" funnels are designed to hold themselves upright in virtually any size opening.
  "They leave both your hands free to pour. There's less chance of spillage and you get done faster," says Donnie Strybos of Titian Technology, Pflugerville, Texas.
  The spout of each funnel is fitted with flexible poly fingers that grab onto the opening of the container to be filled. Air inside the container is able to escape between the fingers instead of trying to escape up the funnel, which keeps liquid from sloshing around inside the container as you pour.
  "We've made a variety of working prototypes so we know it works," says Strybos. "The funnel can be manufactured to any size. We have one model with a long notch cut across the top side of the funnel, where you can rest a container for emptying. It's ideal for drip draining oil drip pans or even kitchen pots."
  Strybos is looking to license the product for manufacturing.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Titian Technology, 215 Settlers Valley Drive, Pflugerville, Texas 78660 (ph 512 251-6707 or 515 436-9062; E-mail: titiantech@netzero.net; Website: http://titiantech.webjump.com/).

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6