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Tractor Fogger Sprayer Made From Dryer Fan
An old corn dryer fan fitted with spray nozzles and directional controls makes it easy to spray weeds in hard-to-reach places, according to an Illinois farmer who used the idea to build his own "fogger" sprayer.

George Wiemers, of Greenview, built the tractor-mounted "fogger" to spray weeds and brush in waterways, ditches, along fence rows, and in other places where it's difficult or impossible to go with a conventional sprayer or mower. "I wanted something that could be easily controlled so I could raise and lower it and change the direction of spray from the cab," he told FARM SHOW.

He started with the blower from an MC corn dryer. He built a 3-pt. frame for it that lifts the fan 10 to 12 ft. high. The blower is chain-driven by the pto through an arrangement of spockets and shafts he rigged up.

Ten spray nozzles mount across the discharge side of theblower. Six of the nozzles are controlled by one valve and 4 controlled by another. Wiemers can use either set of nozzles individually or all 10 nozzles at once, depending on how much spray is required. Directional fins across the face of the blower can be electrically controlled - via an old power window motor - to direct the spray. In addition, the entire blower fan can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise to change the position of, the directional fins.

"It's so easy to control you can direct spray toward a 4 to 5-ft. tall tree 20 ft. away and not hit anything else," says Wiemers, who uses the sprayer to kill scrub willow trees, and other brush, with 2-4D. Chemical is carried in a pair of saddle tanks. A small . gas engine-driven spray pump mounts next to the left tank.

Although he hasn't tried it, Wiemers says the fogger-sprayer could also be used to apply chemicals to row crops under certain conditions. It could also be used to apply insecticides to livestock.

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, George Wiemers, Rt. 1, Box 75, Green-view, Ill. 62642 (ph 217 968-5554). (By C. F. Marley)

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