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Engine-Powered Wlder "Designed Just For Farmers"
This new high frequency DC welder attaches to any engine-driven vehicle, giving you a powerful mobile welder that you can take with you wherever you go.
  The ZENA welder installs on any engine capable of producing at least 7 hp so you can put it on pickups, tractors, garden tractors and even ATV's. The company says it will perform as well as expensive portable engine-driven industrial welders.
  Several different models are available, ranging from 150 to 600 amps. All models are 100 percent duty and come with 20-ft. long welding cables as standard equipment. Overall cable length can be extended to 200 ft. A belt-driven power unit installs permanently on the engine.
  Whenever you want to weld, you just attach the mobile welding system's cables to the power unit and plug in control wires. A solid-state control system allows the operator to regulate welding power using controls built into the electrode holder. There's no need to vary engine speed to control welding power, and the operator doesn't have to go back and forth between the vehicle and the work site to make adjustments to the equipment.
  The welding system produces a very high frequency DC output in both standard and reverse polarity modes, according to the company. The high frequency DC power generator produces an "extraordinarily fine bead" and is said to produce "a welding joint with better appearance and fewer impurities than any standard AC/DC stick welder."
  For operator safety, power is not supplied to the electrode holder unless the operator depresses and holds a push-button safety control. Welder output is also electrically isolated from the vehicle and earth ground. No modification to the vehicle's electrical system is required.  Suggested retail prices start at $750.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, ZENA, Inc., 330 Club Springs Road, Elmwood, Tenn. 38650 (ph 615 897-2011; fax 2023; E-mail: contact@zena.net).

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