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Teat Foamer Replaces Conventional Pre-Dips
"There's nothing like it on the market. It's the first time foam has ever been used to clean udders," says Janet Dahl, Northwest Environmental Systems, Inc., about the new Sani-Sure Teat Foamer.
  Foam does a more complete job of cleaning and uses less chemicals because there's no waste or spills, says Dahl.
  The patented foaming pre-dip covers the teat completely and uniformly. It clings to the udder without dripping until wiped off with a towel. Because of the complete coverage and prolonged contact with the udder, the system reduces bacteria counts.
  The Teat Foamer is designed to work with ProChemical ReFresh Teat Dip, which contains iodine and ingredients to maximize foam volume.
  The easy-to-use system was developed and patented by Prochemicals and Sani-Sure systems. It consists of a pressurized drop line with a trigger-operated cup that provides continual fresh solution for foam. "Fingers" in the patented Sani-Sure rubber lined teat cup also provide improved stimulation for faster milk letdown and milk out. The system can be used in either parlors or stanchion barns. A pump or canister is set up in the milk house or utility room and the solution is pumped through lines to drops fitted with application cups.
  ProChemicals representatives Dennis Edison and Mike Stettler say, "We believe this product to be far superior to conventional sprays or dips. Dairies currently using the Sani-Sure Teat Foamer are enthusiastic about the thorough cleansing and longer contact time. They report lower somatic cell counts, improved udder health, cleaner filter socks, and higher milk quality overall."
  Retail price for the system is right at $800 for the tank or pump and $400 per drop. The average farm requires 2 to 3 drops. The system cost and setup is similar to that for installed dip systems.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sani-Sure Systems, Box 2944, Oshkosh, Wis. 54903 (ph 800 236-7080 or ProChemicals at 800 279-7761).

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