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Get Your Phone Calls While You're On The Computer
One of the most frustrating things about going onto the internet is that it ties up a phone line. If you balk at the cost of adding a second phone line, you'll be interested in these web-based companies that help you take calls while you're on line.
  Essentially, they all work the same. You download and install a small utility on your PC and sign up for a free voice mail account. If someone calls while you're on line, a window pops up on your screen with the number of the caller. You then have three options: Forward the caller to voice mail, play the caller a digitized message ("I'm on line right now and will call you back"), or ignore the call. All messages sent to voice mail can be retrieved and played over the web without signing off the phone line.
  Here are three of the sites offering the service: www.buzme.com provides the voice mail forwarding option at no cost but charges $5 per month for the "Reply, Take Call" feature. Two other Web sites, www.internetcallmanager.com and www.pagoo.com charge about $4 per month but offer free trials.

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