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Slide-Up Power Ramp fits any Farm Pickup
If you're looking for an easier way to load vehicles or other heavy cargo into your pickup bed, you'll be interested in this new power ramp from Tri Corp. Industries, Ogallala, Neb.
The patent pending unit consists of a steel ramp that rolls in and out of the pickup bed on sealed roller bearings that ride along a steel track mounted on the sides of the pickup box. The rear of the ramp is equipped with a flow-through tailgate. You simply drive onto the ramp, then flip a switch to pull the ramp up. The tailgate automatically folds up into transport position.
An optional 2,000-lb. winch that mounts on front of the ramp lets you pull stationary loads onto the lowered ramp. The ramp is then pulled onto the pickup bed.
"It works great for loading heavy vehicles such as 4-wheeler ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, and lawn mowers," says Bobby Brueggeman, inventor. "Most tail-gate ramps are built too light and flimsy. The optional ramp-mounted winch works great for lifting heavy items such as welders, air compressors, large toolboxes, tires, gearboxes, engines, and anything else that'll fit in the back of a pickup. A neighbor of mine even used the winch to load a cow onto the ramp. The cow had just given birth to a calf and couldn't get up, but a storm was coming. He put a strap around her and winched her onto the ramp."
A pair of cables that run under the pickup bed are attached to the front and rear under-side of the ramp. The cables are mounted on spools turned by a driveshaft driven by a 1 hp DC motor mounted at the rear of the pickup bed. When you hit the switch to lower the ramp to the ground, the motor turns the driveshaft clockwise and causes one of the spools to pull the cable attached to the front of the ramp and let out the cable attached to the rear of the ramp. When you hit the switch to return the ramp to the pickup bed, the driveshaft turns counter-clockwise to reverse the process.
The ramp has a 1,500-lb. center load capacity and up to 700-lb. end load capacity. A headache rack welded to the front of the ramp protects the rear of the cab. Optional sideboards and end gates that mount on the ramp let you haul loose bulk materials such as grass clippings or gravel. A lightweight aluminum bed and tailgate is also optional.
Sells for under $2,000.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tri Corp. Industries, Inc., P.O. Box 214, Ogallala, Neb. 69153 (ph 303 332-5529).

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