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Loader-Mounted Cherry Picker
We have a lot of trees around many of our fields and often have to trim off overhanging limbs. Standing on a ladder or in a loader bucket while holding a chain saw can be dangerous and time consuming, so to solve the problem I built my own loader-mounted cherry picker. I use it on my Deere 2020 tractor. It consists of a treated plywood box that pivots at the end of a pair of 12-ft. long steel arms that bolt to steel brackets that wrap around the box. A pair of cross pieces connect the arms together. To keep the arms from bending I attach a pair of chains to the top cross piece and down to hooks welded on back of the bucket.
  The box pivots on a pair of bolts so it always remains vertical even as the loader is being raised or lowered. A shock absorber on one side of the box reduces bucket sway. The box can be lifted up to 20 ft. high.
  It also works great for access to center pivot irrigation pipes, electric lines and poles, etc. The bucket on my loader is hydraulic-controlled. For safety reasons I'd never try this idea on a manually-controlled bucket. (LeRoy Lampen, 13277 Born St., Jones, Mich. 49061 ph 616 244-5455)

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