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Mole Stabber
Over the years I've had problems with moles in my yard so I decided to find a way to kill them for good.
  The first thing I tried was something I call a śmole stabber'. It consists of a 10-in. dia., 1/2-in. thick steel disc with 3-in. sharpened steel spikes welded to it. The spikes are about 1 1/2 in. apart. A handle is attached to an axle that runs through the disc. I just push the stabber ahead of me, following the path made by the moles as they dig their tunnels and push the dirt up. I know I've killed at least one mole this way because as I stabbed into the tunnel I heard him squeak and then dug him up. But I decided that method was too hit and miss.
  My second idea works better. During the evening I use my ATV to pull a 1,000-lb. lawn roller across the yard and roll the tunnels down flat. Then at about noon the next day, when moles are looking for food, I go back with a spade and watch for any fresh digging activity. If I see dirt being pushed up at the end of a tunnel I pop the spade down, flip the ground over, and kill the mole. I have to walk quietly because moles are very sensitive to ground vibrations and will stop digging if they hear you coming. Last year I killed 24 moles this way. (Mike Dick, 1998 215th St., Humboldt, Iowa 50548 ph 515 332-3550; fax 3770)

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