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Machine Makes Perfect Pancakes Automatically
Making a large number of pancakes in a short amount of time has never been easier.
  Michael Rademacher of Lacombe, Alberta has invented a machine capable of making 380 pancakes per hour and all the operator has to do is mix the batter and re-fill the machine as needed.
  Rademacher, a machinist, designed and perfected the rig in his spare time over a two year period.
  Batter is measured and dropped automatically onto a large round griddle which is rotated slowly by a 120-volt AC motor. After one complete revolution, an automatic flipper turns them over. After another revolution, a flipper slides them off onto a pan. One pancake is finished every nine seconds.
  Electricity powers an onboard compressor which runs the air-operated flippers and batter dispenser. An old propane tank serves as an air reservoir.
  The grill is heated by propane. Two 20-lb. tanks mount under the frame. The batter dispenser is removable and holds enough to make about 75 pancakes when full. This provides ample time to mix up a new batch of batter using an electric drill and a 5-gal. pail.
  An umbrella provides shade for the operator, as well as protection from wind that would otherwise affect the griddle temperature.
  The automatic pancake maker is mounted on wheels so it can be moved around.
  Rademacher says entrepreneurs are interested in the machines for fairs, rodeos and carnivals. He estimates it costs about 15 cents for the ingredients in a pancake, so if they sell for $2 for four, there'd be a nice profit.
  "The machine itself quickly draws crowds, as people gather around to watch it produce perfect pancakes all by itself," he says.
Rademacher, who owns an industrial machine shop, says the machines are priced at $10,000 (Canadian).
  "We originally developed this machine as an attention-getter for our business. We wanted to make it known that we can do more than just farm repairs," Rademacher explains.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Michael Rademacher or Vic Halberg, Can-Rapid Ltd., 4732 45A St., Lacombe, Alberta, Canada T4L 2C7 (ph 403 782-5165; fax 403 782-5165); E-mail: canrapid@cnnet.com; Website: www.canrapid.com

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