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Adjustable Closing Wheel Arm For Deere, Kinze Planters
"Our new adjustable closing wheel arm for Deere and Kinze planters lets you adjust the angle of the closing wheel by up to eight degrees so you can vary the amount of soil put over the seed when closing the trench to match soil conditions," says Pat Reinhart, May-Wes Mfg., Hutchinson, Minn.
  The closing wheel arm replaces the planter's original arm and is equipped with two sets of adjustment tabs, one for each side of the row. Each set of tabs offers 4 different positions at 2-degree intervals, allowing the angle of each wheel to be adjusted up to a total of 8 degrees. To change the angle of the wheel you simply loosen a nut on a spindle and tab and pull it out, then insert the bolt in another hole and tighten the nut.
  "It works great in no-till, minimum, and conventional till," says Reinhart. "A sharper angle shatters sidewall compaction and drags more loose or fine dirt gently over the top, helping to eliminate air pockets which harden the ground and inhibit seed growth. Today's farmers sometimes have to plant in wet field conditions. The angle of conventional fixed closing wheel arms can cause heavier soils to slab over the trench, putting a lot of down pressure on the seed. Seed growth slows and reduces yields. You can often solve the problem simply by adjusting the angle of the closing wheels.
  "The closing wheel arm is equipped with a spring adjustment bracket and with our Perma Fix ultra-wear greasable bushings, which provide more than seven times the wear surface of factory bushings."
  The closing wheel arm can be used with or without the company's poly closing wheels. It sells for $225 plus S&H without the wheels and $339 plus S&H with them.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, May-Wes Mfg., Inc., Box 519, Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 (ph 320 587-2322; fax 6112; Website: www.may-wes.com)

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