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"Bolt-On" Milk Bottle Holder For Calves Attaches To Fence Panels
It's a great time saver when you have to feed milk to several calves at a time. All you do is put the bottle in the holder and let the calf drink from it," says Ferguson Feemster, Springfield, Mo., about his calf "bottle holder" that's designed to bolt onto hog or cattle fence panels or even a wood 2 by 4.
  The bottle holder is designed to hold 2-qt. milk bottles. It consists of a 14-ga. galvanized steel bracket that has back and side flaps to keep the bottle secure. Two 1/4-in. carriage bolts are used to attach the unit to the fence panel at an angle.
  "We've used them for several years with no problems," says Feemster. "We came up with the idea because we sometimes have to feed 25 to 40 calves at a time, and it's hard to hold the bottle up individually for that many calves. The bottom part of the bracket has several bolt holes in it so the unit can be bolted to panels even if they're placed upside down. It can also be bolted to 4 or 5-in. wide boards using longer 1/4-in. carriage bolts."
  Sells for $6.50 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Feemster Dairy Farm, 2171 E. Farm Rd. 94, Springfield, Mo. 65803 (ph 417 833-3164).

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