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Home-Built Tractor Great For Utility Work
"My wife encouraged me to build this chore tractor. It took countless hours but once I was done, I had a hard-working machine that gets a lot done," says Gerry Peterson, Regina, Sask.
  "I first bought the back end of an Avery tractor from the 1940's. It had a chipped tooth in the second gear, which I repaired while doing a general rebuild.
  "Next, I bought a Deere 2-cylinder LUC engine from a friend. The engine needed an overhaul and was started with a hand crank. I did the overhaul and installed a Wisconsin V4 ring gear and an Allis-Chalmers starter to replace the hand crank.
  "The front axle came off a friend's 428 Cockshutt combine. The original tractor transmission had only three gears so I installed an IH truck 3-speed transmission as well, for a total of 9 speeds. The engine is joined to the IH transmission by a chain coupler and to the back end input shaft with a short driveshaft I made.
  "The input shaft on the Avery tractor was obsolete so I cut it off with my lathe and installed a GM truck spline. A hydraulic pump from a 7720 Deere combine is coupled to the crankshaft pulley at the front for live hydraulics. I have one hydraulic outlet at the back for an external cylinder.
  "The power steering motor came off a Massey Ferguson 510 combine. The steering column came out of a Volvo highway tractor. It tilts and telescopes. The steering wheel is from a Plymouth Arrow and the alternator from a 1966 Chevy.
  "I installed a relay to make a conventional ignition switch work with a magneto. The light switch also uses a relay. I installed three main gauges plus an hour meter, tach, and a hydraulic pressure gauge on the dash.
  "I made the hood, grill, seat and 3-pt. hitch from scratch.
  "The finished tractor works very well. I have made a snowblower and blade as well as a buzzsaw for cutting firewood. The saw mounts on the 3-pt. hitch. I also made a 3-pt. mounted sprayer.
  "I call the tractor the GP General, using my own initials. It's painted Deere green and yellow."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gerry Peterson, 188 McDougall Crescent, Regina, Sask. S4S 5M7 Canada (ph 306 584-1263).

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