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How To Keep Crop From Wrapping On Combines Reel Shaft
Larry Kluckner, Longdale, Okla.: "I harvest rye and vetch for seed with a 1960's C Gleaner combine with 16-ft. header. I've always had trouble with the crop wrapping on the end of the reel shaft at each end. This would lock up the reel and cause the belt to slip so the crop wouldn't feed properly.
  "A neighbor came up with a solution based on some older combines, like Masseys, that didn't have open-ended reels. We simply attached a round piece of light gauge sheet metal, approximately the thickness of the reel bats, to the ends of the reel. We screwed a piece of angle iron, which acts as a mounting bracket, to the end of each bat with self-tapping metal screws. We then took off the bushing that the reel shaft rotates in and screwed the sheet metal, which overlaps the end of the reel bat by about 1/2 in., to the brackets.
  "We did this two seasons ago and it totally solved the wrapping problem. It didn't cost anything since all the materials were scrap. This would work on any combine that doesn't have an open end on the reel."

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