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Call Waiting Switch, Lets You Work On Internet, Recieve Phone Calls
Both my husband and I enjoy reading your magazine, especially ideas from "everyday" couples like us. We are pork producers in southern Illinois and thought you might like to hear how we survived the down hog market of the past year.
  I am a computer consultant, doing business from my home office. In the course of my work, I discovered a gadget that allows me to do work on the Internet and still receive phone calls - all on the same phone line. Before I found this device, I was always afraid to be on the internet in case my children called from school or my husband tried to get me on the phone from the field.
  The Call Waiting Switch, as it's called, is a great gadget. I asked the company how I could share it with family and friends and they suggested we become a dealer. Thus, our website, www.internethogs.com, was born. It stands for Internet Home Office Gadgets.
  The Call Waiting Switch lets you take a call and be automatically disconnected from the internet or you can manually answer a call and talk for a few seconds and still be connected to the internet. The switch simply uses the Call Waiting feature on the phone line to "beep" the switch when you receive a call. You can talk for 10 to 25 seconds without being disconnected from the internet (depending on your service provider. If you just keep talking you'll be signed off automatically. When the call's done, you just sign back on.
  We've talked to a number of computer stores and none of them knew about this device.
  Sells for $99 with a money-back guarantee.
  We've also got another switch called Caller ID Manager that uses software with Caller ID and Call Waiting to "pop" a message on your screen as to the caller's name and number so you can decide whether or not you need to take the call.
  Sells for $189.
  (Sandy Deters, Sandy Deters Computer Consulting, 277 Co. Rd. 300 N., Sigel, Ill. 62462 (ph 217 844-2414; E-mail sandy@internethogs.com; Website www.internethogs.com)

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