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Granular Applicator Applies Preservatives To Hay AsYou Bale It
Thanks for your recent article on my Zimmie-Stacker for automatically stacking square bales behind a baler (Vol. 23, No. 2). I thought your readers might be interested in this granular applicator I built to apply preservatives to hay as you bale it. The trouble with existing commercial systems, like Gandy's, is that it dribbles on materials by gravity flow. That doesn't get it on well-enough. This one is fitted with a blower connected to a pvc tube with a divider on the end that spreads the stuff out evenly on the hay. It covers thoroughly and evenly. A venturi tube takes material as it's metered out of the hopper. In a wet year, applying preservatives can be the only way to bring in a crop but you have to use them properly for them to be effective. Many farmers don't realize that the preservatives only work for about 4 months. If you're not going to feed out the bales in 3 or 4 months, you better not use them. I think a lot of barn fires have been caused by improper use of preservatives.
   I've built a limited number of these applicators on a custom basis. (Larry Zimmerman, 1156 180th Ave., New Richmond, Wis. 54017 800-759-7033)

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1999 - Volume #23, Issue #4