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"Yellow Jacket Cooler" Cools Irrigation Engine
My "Yellow Jacket Cooler" is designed to cool an irrigation engine without using energy-consuming fans and radiators. Irrigation water in my area is at 73?. I use this water to cool the coolant of the engine. It's not a totally new idea but my design is. It consists of two pipes - one 10 in. dia. and the other 8 in. dia. The 8-in. pipe carries water from the well up through the 10-in. pipe which is filled with coolant from the engine. The 73? well water cools the coolant and, therefore, the engine.
  Other coolers on the market have small diameter copper tubes that handle well water but they're often damaged by rocks or sand pumped by the well. My big pipe cooler should last for years even where the water is corrosive.
  All it took to build was a welder and cutting torch and about 10 hrs. of labor. It's about 5 ft. long and will cool an engine with up to 150 hp. Higher horsepower engines will require a slightly longer or larger diameter cooler. (Weldon Gilleland, P.O. Box 2132, Uvalde, Texas 78802 ph 830-278-3844)

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1999 - Volume #23, Issue #2