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"Bucket With Jaws" Handles Any Material
"Our new "multi-purpose" clam shell bucket does the work of a grapple fork, conventional bucket, and dozer blade. We think it's the most versatile loader bucket on the market," says Dennis Ervin, of Westendorf Mfg.
  The bucket has a hinged upper jaw fitted with long teeth. The stationary back plate is fitted with shorter teeth. When the bucket closes, the two sets of teeth overlap to form a conventional-looking closed bucket.
  "It works better than a conventional grapple fork because it's less bulky in tight places and has two sets of teeth so it'll hold any kind of loose material. It works great for handling big bales, silage, corn stalks, brush, feed ingredients, etc. It works slick for tearing silage out of bunker silos. It unloads faster than a conventional bucket because the material falls out as soon as you open the jaws - there's no need to tilt the bucket. Another advantage is that the design positions the load closer to the loader's pivot point than a conventional bucket, which provides increased lift capacity and greater control.
  "The bottom jaw can even be used as a dozer blade to quickly smooth out ruts in lanes or feed yards."
  Sells for about $3,000 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Westendorf Mfg. Co., Inc., Box 29, Onawa, Iowa 51040 (ph 712 423-2762; fax 1460).

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