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Gauge Wheel Mud Scraper
New mud scraper for planter depth gauge wheels keeps gauge wheels clean, improving seed depth placement.
The scraper clamps to a cast iron bracket that mounts above and behind the depth wheel. Tension is adjusted by loosening two bolts and sliding the blade up or down.
"It's good insurance against poor germination caused by improper seed depth," says Steve Lofquist, Lofquist Welding, Elwood,Neb. "The slightest rain or dew can leave the soil sticky on top and cause it to gum up the depth gauge wheels. If you're planting 1 112 in. deep and 3/4 in. of mud collects on the wheels, the seed will be planted only 3/4 in. deep. It's particularly valuable for ridge or no-till planting where the soil is more likely to be wet or sticky.
"Mud on depth wheels has been a problem for years. In the past, farmers usually waited for the field to dry out before planting."
Fits Deere 7000, 7100, and 7300 Max-Emerge II, Kinze, International 800 and 900 Early Riser, and White planters. Sells for $25 per depth wheel or $50 per row.
A bolt-on mud scraper for press wheels is available for Deere and Kinze planters. Sells for $8 per press wheel or $16 per row.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lofquist Welding, Inc., 206 Ontario St., Elwood, Neb. 68937 (ph 308 785-2755).

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