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He Uses C02 Gas To Kill Underground Rodents
Regarding your story in the last issue about killing gophers and other underground rodents with anhydrous ammonia, I've found nothing is as effective as using C02 gas. The procedure is simple. When a rodent exit hole is discovered, attach a hose to the discharge nozzle of a C02 gas cylinder. Release the gas slowly to keep frost buildup to a minimum at the valve. Inject enough C02 into the bur-row to displace the oxygen in there. The rodents will run out of oxygen and die. It works good because they don't become alarmed by the injection of the gas. One bonus is that they're already buried.
Using C02 has been especially effective for me to kill rats that have burrowed under concrete slabs around buildings. After gassing I just cover up the holes and then check back later to see if the hole remains closed.
Another good way to stop rat infestations on existing buildings that do not have concrete rat barriers is to dig a 6-in. deep trench, 18 in. wide, next to the foundation of the building. Make a 90? bend 4 in. from the side of a 22-in. wide strip of metal screen, or hardware cloth. Lay the screen in the trench and then cover with dirt to grade. Rats like to dig right next to the foundation so when they hit the screening they do not know enough to move back a couple feet.
Another method is to spread a 2-ft. wide strip of crushed rock, 6 in. deep, around a building. They can't dig through small sharp stones. (Roger Puetz, Box 1897, Humboldt, Sask. Canada ph 306 682-3520)

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