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Low Cost Bale Thrower
"Baling hay alone is difficult without equipment to place the bales on the wagon. You have to continually stop the tractor, then jump down and reshuffle bales. My local dealer wanted $1,900 for a bale thrower. That's more than my baler is worth. I didn't have it.
"Not wanting to forsake baling, I built a hay rack 9 ft. tall on my best wagon and bolted an 8 ft. extension to my baler's loading chute. It has 2 by 4's underneath for support and old barn tin on the bottom so bales will slide easily. Ropes from the rack hold the extension chute in such a manner that the bales flow up and out, falling a little past center into the wagon.
"To make the extension hinge and bend when turning corners, I removed the outside bolt holding the two sections of the original loading chute together. When taking corners, a gap several inches wide opens up.
"Very few problems have occurred with this setup. First, you must make sure the bales go straight up without bulges. Second, be sure the bales are not hung up on your support ropes,or that your hay wagon is too full. I can now bale 70 to 80 bales before having to climb into the wagon to reposition bales to make room for more. About 125 medium sized bales fit onto my wagon. It only takes a few minutes to remove the
chute extension from the baler.
Joe Ferrar
Rt. 1, Box 155
Gobles, Mich. 49055

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