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Pivot Auger Services Two Bins
Two modifications to a conventional auger helped Illinois farmer Dave White create an easy-to-use system for filling both his grain bins.
White got the idea when he bought a bin from a nearby farm and moved it to his place near Farmersville. He already had one bin in use and wanted to set up his existing auger to service both bins. He decided to modify the auger so it would pivot easily from bin to bin. Before he even moved the new bin to his farm, he used the auger like a compass to deter-mine where it should be erected.
To create a sturdy pivot point, he buried a 30-gal. drum in the ground and filled it with concrete, setting a 2 1/2-in. dia. bolt in the center of it. The bolt attaches to the tongue at the bottom of the auger, allowing it to swing in a half circle.
To provide for sidewise movement of the auger, he added two extra sets of wheels to the conventional auger running gear. The wheels mount on either side positioned at a 90 degree angle to the existing wheels. Standard hand-cranked wheel jacks raise and lower the additional wheels. When in the down position, the auger rolls easily in an arc, swinging from bin to bin.
His final step was to set up a cleanout auger he had on hand so that it transfers grain from unloading trucks to the hopper on the auger. (Because of the pivot point under the auger, the hopper is too high off the ground to dump into directly.)
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dave White, Farmersville, Ill. 62533 (ph 217 227-3659).

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