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"Turbocharger" Fills Vacuum Wagons Fast
You can cut fill time in half or more with this new "turbocharger" for vacuum filled manure wagons.
L.M.T.'s "Fast Filler" consists of a hydraulic-driven impeller that installs in the wagon's vacuum suction line to help speed up fill time. Depending on model of tank, it either bolts or welds on and is powered off the tractor's hydraulic system.
Lee Pearson, manufacturer, says, "If it now takes you 10 or 12 minutes to load your wagon, the Fast Filler cuts that down to 5 or 6 minutes. In a 10 hour day, hauling three loads per hour, you can save 2 1/2 hours a day. Figuring $25 per hour for the cost of the tractor, driver and spreader, savings add up to $65 per day. To look at it another way, you can haul 5 to 7 more loads per day."
The unit is designed for 4,000-gal. and larger wagons. It can be installed in three to six hours on most brands of vacuum spreaders and requires a 12 gpm pump at 1,800 psi's.
Sells for $1,300 if you install it yourself. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, L.M.T., Rte. 34 E., P.O. Box 142, Galva, Ill. 61434 (ph 800 545-0174 or 309 932-3311; fax 3155).

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