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Air Pressure Regulator Kit For White Air Planters
"My new in-cab air pressure regulator kit for White-New Idea air planters lets you adjust the blower's air pressure on-the-go by simply flipping a switch in the cab. It eliminates the need to walk back to the planter to do the job and results in more accurate seed plate air pressure which increases yield potential," says Jerry Read, Henry, Ill.
Read's kit consists of a 12-volt, 1 rpm gear reduction motor that regulates the flow control valve on the planter that controls the planter's fan speed. The flow control valve comes factory equipped with a knob that the operator uses to manually control fan speed. The motor replaces the knob and is wired to a 3-way switch in the cab. A steel coupler is used to connect the motor's output shaft to the flow control valve stem.
"It offers infinite on-the-go adjustment of fan speed without having to adjust anything else," says Read. "It comes in handy any time you change seed size or switch to a lighter weight seed and takes only about 15 minutes to install. The blowers on White planters operate at only 1 1/2 to 2 oz. of air pressure. We used a 1 rpm motor so it's easy to make even small changes in blower speed. The switch can be velcroed or fastened to your planter monitor box.
"The kit comes with a pre-wired pigtail harness and wiring connectors. All you have to supply is a 14-gauge wire that connects the motor to the switch. The kit comes with a 1-year warranty. You'll need two kits on planters that have two different motors to run the fans."
Sells for $250 including S & H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jerry Read, RR, Henry, Ill. 61537 (ph 309 364-2336).

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