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Flow Meter Makes Tank Filling Easy
"You just set it for how many gallons you want and walk away," says Mike Feeney, Flojet Corp., about the company's transfer pump controller that lets you "dial in" how much liquid you want to move and then shuts down automatically.
"It eliminates overflowing tanks and lets you know exactly how much water or other liquid you've pumped. For example, maybe you only used half a spray tank. You can set exactly how many gallons of water you want and then mix in the correct amount of chemical. No guessing is needed," says Feeney.
The meter can be used with the company's ATP 50 or ATP 100 diaphragm pumps or can be attached to other pump brands with higher flow rates (the ATP 50 is rated at 5 gpm while the ATP 100 can be used at either 5 or 10 gpm).
"Most other flow meters can be programmed to pump at only three different rates. The ability to program up to 10 different settings is important because the viscosity of some chemicals, such as Roundup, can change greatly with changes in temperature."
The flow meter sells for $550, the ATP 50 pump for $761, and the ATP 100 pump for $959.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Flojet Corp., 12 Morgan, Irvine, Calif. 92618 (ph 800 235-6538 or 714 859-4945; fax 1153).

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