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Lift And Load Boom For Pickups
"Our `lift-and-load' system turns your pickup into a hoist, loading ramp, dump box, or round bale hauler-unroller," says Ed Livingston, inventor of the new "Livy Lift" system that uses a remote-operated boom and winch to do just about any lifting or loading job.
The boom and winch are mounted on a rectangular steel frame that fastens to the pickup bed with four bolts. The base of the boom pivots at the back of the box, con-trolled by a pair of hydraulic cylinders that move the boom backward for lifting and then forward for loading. The cylinders and winch are powered by a 12-volt electric-hydraulic unit that powers a self-contained hydraulic pump.
Boom and winch can also be tied to a cargo rack for loading and transporting oversize or bulky objects such as two snow-mobiles, two 4-wheel ATV's, furniture, etc. onto the pickup. The cargo rack lays flat on the ground. You load cargo onto the rack and tie it down, then winch the front end of the rack up in the air and pull it forward. Then lower it into the horizontal position at bed height for transport.
A hydraulically-operated round bale spear and unroller attaches to the boom using quick coupling hydraulics and four spring-loaded pins. A 1 1/2 cu. yard dump box - which fits snugly into the pickup box - can also be lifted in and out of pickup box, letting you use your pickup as a dump truck.
All functions are remote-controlled via a 15-ft. long cable.
"It handles a wider variety of payloads than any other pickup attachment on the market," says Livingston. "I built it because I don't like to pull trailers. The boom can handle loads weighing up to 1,200 lbs. and can be used to transport tractor tires, irrigation pipe, etc. You can even use it to haul dead cattle or deer," says Livingston.
"The dump box and fuel tank can be left in place when using the cargo rack or round bale attachment. When the boom alone is in use, the pickup bed is open for hauling cargo," says Livingston, noting that the boom has a built-in utility. floodlight for safer night operation and doesn't affect the pickup's fifth wheel trailer towing capability.
Fits any standard 8-ft. "Fleetside" pickup bed (Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge).
The frame, boom, and winch assembly complete with electric/hydraulic power unit sells for $3,935, cargo rack for $495, round bale attachment for $1,695, and dump box for $945. A heavy duty model for flatbed trucks is also available that will load and transport two pallets of products up to 3,000 lbs. each as well as accommodate the round hay bale attachment.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Livy Lift Corp., 47 Schneider Rd., Cody, Wy. 82414 (ph 800 854-0291).

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