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Poor Man's Deer Scarer
Here's a simple yet effective deer scarer Michael Thornhill came up with last summer to stop damage in his pea field.
"You can't raise peas around here with-out using something," says Thornhill of Hoschton, Ga. "Once I started using this set-up I didn't see any more damage but I did find some really deep tracks leading back out of the field."
Thornhill's deer scarer consists of a motion detector floodlight, a box fan and a garbage bag.
He mounted the motion detector on a post 7 ft. off the ground in the middle of the 1/2 acre pea patch. He wired it to a receptacle on the top of the post. He then plugged a box-type fan into the receptacle and positioned it on the wooded side of the patch where deer entered. The final step was to duct-tape a big black plastic garbage bag over the fan.
When a deer triggers the motion detector, the receptacle becomes "hot", turning on the fan. When the fan comes on, it quickly inflates the garbage bag, scaring the deer away.
"It worked so well last year, I'm going to use it again this year," Thornhill says.
Out-of-pocket expense was less than $20, including floodlight and 8-ft. post.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Michael Thornhill, 832 Old Hog Mountain Rd., Hoschton, Ga. 30548 (ph 770 867-9033).

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