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Do-It-Yourself Pest Control
Here are two do-it-yourself pest traps for con-trolling flying insects that were recently featured in Countryside magazine.
The first is a fish trap for controlling yellow jacket wasps. Hang fish or a piece of liver on a string 1 to 2 in. over a tub of water to which detergent has been added. Yellowjackets will try to fly away with pieces of fish or liver that are too heavy for them and will drown after falling into the water. It's not unusual to fill a dishpan with drowned yellowjackets in one afternoon during peak season.
To catch flies and other flying insects, take a large-mouthed plastic or glass jar. Paint the top one-third black or cover with black paper. Coat the inside of the jar with a sticky liquid such as diluted honey or vegetable oil. Then invert the jar over a bait such as a crushed banana or raw meat. Rest the jar upside down on two blocks of wood to allow flies enough space to feed on the bait. After leaving the bait, they fly upward to-wards the light portion of the jar and get stuck.
(Countryside Magazine)

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