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Homemade Metal Halter For Beef Cattle
I got tired of having to fight 700 lbs. of beef on the end of a halter rope whenever I halter broke my annual crop of weaned calves. My homemade metal halter, copied from a neighbor, makes the job easier. The halter consists of a nose band and a chain that fits behind the animal's ears. The nose band is a 24-in. length of 1/2-in. dia. steel rod shaped into an 8-in. wide oval and welded together. I welded a 4-ft. length of 1 1/2-in. chain to the center of one side of the oval, then welded a snap hook to the other side of the oval so that the chain can be adjusted to fit behind the ears of any size animal. A welded steel loop, added to the front of the oval, allows a lead shank to be secured.
I let the calf get used to wearing a rope halter for an hour or two each day for two or three days. Then I replace the rope halter with the steel halter and tie the bull to a fence for an hour every day for three or four days. The calf can then be taught to lead, by hand, or the halter's lead shank can be attached to a donkey. Whenever the donkey moves the calf has no choice but to go with him and soon learns to yield to pressure on the halter. (John Pshyk, Box 121, Glendon, Alberta, Canada T0A 1P0 ph 403 635-2377)

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