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Custom Built Truck Boxes
Our custom built truck boxes are built stronger than most factory-built boxes and have more capacity. Both front corners are tapered at a 45-degree angle. Elimination of square front corners decreases wind resistance on the road and makes unloading easier. It also matches the aerodynamic look of today's trucks, and it doubles the strength in each corner by placing load pressure in two spots. The floor on both sides is sloped at a 45-degree angle about 10 in. from each side and is welded to both sides for extra strength. In fact, there isn't a 90-degree corner anywhere in our boxes. The sheet metal sides are 4 in. wide and are tucked inside stakes. Outside at the bottom, the sides slope down for extra strength and to keep anything from sticking.
The box's top rail is made from 2 by 4-in. rectangular steel tubing laid flat which makes the box incredibly strong. We can add a 2-ft. extension on top to make the box 85 or 86 in. high. The tailgate is raised by a pair of hydraulic cylinders that are tucked in between the stakes - the driver doesn't even see the cylinders in his rear view mirror. The tucked-in cylinders allow you to pull a tarp over to the side and still be able to use the tailgate. When the tailgate is all the way up it sits horizontally about 8 ft. above the floor.
We use 4-in. channel irons for stringers under the floor and 5-in. channel irons on the main outside frame rail and standard 11-ga. sheet metal for floor and sides. We can make boxes in 14 to 26 ft. lengths for any truck brand including Freightliner, Chevrolet, Ford, Peterbuilt, etc. The boxes sell for $4,000 to $8,000 depending on equipment and length. We can even convert semi tractors by removing the sleepers and fifth wheel hitches, stretching the frame, and installing a double hoist. (Randy Schwindt, Aeroswint, Rt. 1, Box 144, Utica, Kan. 67584 ph 913 391-2277)

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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #6