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Waste Oil Storage System
With six tractors, five trucks, a combine, pickups and a van, there are a lot of scheduled oil changes at Ron Karlowsky's farm near Brunkild, Manitoba.
Karlowsky used to funnel his waste oil into regular 55-gal. drums which were difficult to handle for disposal. Now, he uses a low-cost shop-built storage and transfer system to hold oil until a nearby implement dealer picks it up to burn in waste oil heater.
Three 40-gal. water heater tanks with burned out elements form the heart of the system. One tank, split in half lengthwise and covered with steel mesh holds filters and funnels, is a pour tank along one side of Karlowsky's 4,000 sq. ft. shop. It mounts above a second tank that serves as a transfer tank. It's fitted with a clean out valve and air pressure inlet. A third tank which is used for storage is located outside the shop.
The system plumbs together with 2-in. dia. steel pipe.
"Welding the pipe and tanks together so the fittings didn't leak was the hardest part of the project," notes Karlowsky.
An air compressor run at a low 30 psi's is all that's needed to transfer oil from the inside tank to the tank outside.
The system has a combined capacity of 100 gals. Karlowsky empties it out twice a year. Out-of-pocket expense was about $100 (Canadian).
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ronald E. Karlowsky, Box 9, Brunkild, Manitoba, Canada ROG OEO (ph 204 736-2630).

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