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Heavy Duty Scraper Grades Driveways,Digs Ponds
There's almost no blading job this heavy-built scraper can't handle, says David Ray of Winfield, Kan., who started with a 12-ft. long blade off a commercial road grader.
He welded two lengths of 6-in. angle iron together to make square tubing that was used to build a frame that supports the blade. A turntable allows it to swivel from side to side. A hydraulic motor on top of the frame belt-drives a pto shaft that drives a gearbox on the turntable. The gearbox, turntable, and blade came off the road grader. The back end of the scraper is supported by a pair of 12.50 by 15 tires. Ray used heavy steel pipe to make an axle and then welded spindles onto it.
A hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the back of the frame which pivots up or down on a horizontal section of pipe. Another cylinder next to the frame is used to tilt the blade end to end.
"We use it to grade our driveway, shape terraces, and to make ponds, dams and ditches," says Ray, who says that he gives credit to the Lord for his abilities. "It's built so strong that it can take out trees up to 6 in. in diameter. At first we used wheels with 6-bolt hubs but we had problems with overloading the spindles so we replaced them with 8-bolt hubs. Also, the original hydraulic motor had a pressure rating that was too low for our hydraulic system which caused seals to blow out. We replaced it with a bigger one."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David Ray, RR 2, Box 236A, Winfield, Kan. 67156 (ph 316 221-3541).

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