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Easy Steer System For Garden Tiller
Steering a garden tiller is easy with this new guidance system, says inventor John C. Dunn who installed the system on all three of his garden tillers.
Adaptable to any size or brand tiller, the guidance system replaces the stationary wheels on conventional front tined tillers. It consists of a main frame that bolts to the rear and a pair of 8-in. wheels joined together so they turn in unison.
A shoulder bolt locks the wheels in a stationary position for tilling in a straight line. It unlocks the wheels, which pivot in tandem on a length of 1/2-in. dia. pipe turning inside a length of 5/8-in. dia. pipe. Makes it easy to turn the tines close to the plants or to turn in a tight circle.
"It makes gardening easier," Dunn says, adding the device could be built for under $40.
Dunn has been granted a patent on his invention and is looking for someone to buy the rights to manufacture it.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John C. Dunn, 11981 Hwy. 1247, Waynesburg, Ky. 40489 (ph 606 365-9585).

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