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Mole Blaster Kills Pest Animals With Shotgun Shells
"If the pellets don't kill them, the concussion will. It gives moles the distinct idea they're not welcome and any that survive will leave for a long time after you use it," says Lloyd T. Good about a "mole blaster" he built to chase pest animals out of his yard.
It's actually a home-built booby-trap that fires shotgun shells. It's placed on top of a runway and fires into the ground when a mole trips the trigger.
The Mount Vernon, Wash., retired farmer used an 8-in. length of Schedule 80 pipe for the "gun barrel", which mounts on an 18 in. sq. base built of 1/4-in. steel plate. A shotgun shell (any gauge) loads in a sleeve in the barrel, with a spring-loaded "firing pin" hammer resting above it. Two stabilizer rods atach to either side of the base to hold it in place when the gun recoils.
To use, Good places the blaster over the runway and pushes the trigger down through the ground into the runway. The trigger is cocked until the mole pushes on the trigger. Then, blam, no more mole.
"It works like a million bucks," he says. "I've killed 10 or 12 moles with it. The last one was over a year ago and I haven't seen any more since. It'd probably work well on other burrowing pest animals, too."
The mole blaster is used with extreme caution, he adds. "I've painted it red and put a black danger sign on it as a safety precaution," he says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lloyd T. Good, 2032 Dry Slough Rd., Mount Vernon, Wash. 98273-9220 (ph 360 445-2271).

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