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Remote Control 3-Pt Quick Hitch
The addition of a power window motor from a '76 Buick to his Deere quick hitch lets George Wiemers, Greenview, Ill., hook up to 3-pt. mounted implements without getting out of his tractor cab.
Wiemers also replaced the top link on his 3-pt. with a 3 1/2 by 12-in. hydraulic cylinder which allows him to tilt the quick hitch back and forth to more easily line up with implements.
"The cylinder makes hookups a lot easier. You don't have to get the tractor perfectly lined up or hurt your back trying to jockey the equipment into position," says Wiemers, who says the two 3-pt. hitch improvements save him a lot of time hooking and unhooking.
Both ends of the cylinder are pinned to shop-made yokes. The cylinder, which replaced the existing turnbuckle, is ex-tended or retracted at hookup to match the tilt of resting equipment. It could also be tilted back and forth when using a rear-mounted bale fork, bucket or other equipment.
The electric window motor mounts sideways on the top cross member of the quick hitch. It pulls on ropes that latch the implement in place. "It was tricky getting it positioned just right but once it was in place, it works great. I couldn't find anything on the market that would do what this hitch does," says Wiemers.
A short lever attached to the sprocket of the window lift mechanism attaches to ropes running to latches on either side of the quick hitch. It pulls on both ropes at once. To unhook, Wiemers activates the motor to pull the rope to unlatch the implements, drops the implement to the ground, and then extends or retracts the top link cylinder so the 3-pt. can drop freely away from the implement.
Wiemers is obtaining a patent on the device, which he hopes to develop commercially.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, George H. Wiemers, Rt. 1, Box 79, Green-view, Ill. 62642 (ph 217 968-5554).

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